August Winner in Monthly ILFORD Website Competition

The winner in August’s ILFORD Website Competition is a nature photograph of something from the other side of the world… literally!  The beautiful shot of Trigg Beach, in Trigg, Western Australia was submitted by Cindy Buchan. “It was the first time I had visited that beach,” Cindy said, “and actually we only arrived just before sunset! I love going to the beach and shooting sunsets, the sky has so so many faces, and rarely are two even slightly close.”

ILFORD Website Winner Cindy Buchan

©2012 Cindy Buchan

We were able to interview Cindy and ask her some questions about this photograph and her photography in general and what informs her work.

ILFORD: You have many beautiful images online. What was it about this particular image that compelled you to enter it into the competition?

CB: I chose this image to enter as I loved the colours in the sky, it reminds me of fairy floss! I also liked the hidden sun, just peaking out through the rock and it disappeared for the night.

ILFORD: What programs or tools did you use to “finish” the image?

CB: Post production, this image had little done, a slight colour pop, it didn’t need much as the colour was already beautiful in the sky that night. I also used a small amount of dodging/burning on the foreground rocks.

ILFORD: What equipment did you use to shoot the photo?

ILFORD Cindy Buchan

©2012 Cindy Buchan

CB: For this image I used my Canon 50D and a Tamron SP AF10-24mm f/3.5 -4.5 Di II. I often use this lens with the 50D and am quite pleased with the results, I have a 5D MKII as well, but it doesn’t come out as much as the 50D.

ILFORD: How would you characterize yourself as a photographer?

CB: A serious amateur, but still have a huge learning curve, with the ultimate goal to become a professional. I am currently a student, studying photography!

ILFORD: What kinds of subject matter do you enjoy photographing?

ILFORD Competition Winner

©2012 Cindy Buchan

CB: I love landscapes. My real passion is barren landscapes, I call them “deadscapes” – being able to take something like a dry lake bed or dead trees and create an image that shows the beauty that people seem to pass by everyday without a second look. There is so much beauty in the world, even in the most barren of places – and Australia, especially Western Australia certainly has a lot of those!

ILFORD: When did you begin taking photographs? Why? How long have you been taking photos?

ILFORD Website Competition Winner

©2012 Cindy Buchan

CB: I picked up my first camera just over four years ago, then promptly put it down again after seeing my resulting photos! Then two years ago, with the intention of learning to take decent family photos, I purchased my first DSLR, my Canon 50D.
I entered a competition and did well, this inspired me and I started taking photos a lot more. I again entered and this time won a prominent photography competition (Photo5 macro section) last year and it was then that it confirmed for me that I had a talent I needed to grow. I take photos any chance I can.
My photography is my stress outlet and my passion, I plan and look forward to each and every opportunity I have to get out taking photos.

Enjoy more of Cindy Buchan’s photography online on her website

CLICK HERE for Cindy on Flickr      

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ILFORD Competition Winner August

Cindy Buchan

Cindy’s photo is featured on the ILFORD website at for the month of September. If you want your chance to be featured in October enter your photo today. The competition continues. Get all the details CLICK HERE.

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