Bill Coulson | Winner in ILFORD Monthly Website Competition

This month’s winning photograph in the ILFORD Monthly Website Competition is flled with a pallette of blue, yellow, green, black, and white.  The beautiful shot of a lone tree against the sky by Bill Coulson is featured at for the month of June. The photograph was shot at a place called Seaton Sluice in Northumberland, UK. “I was first attracted to it by the lone tree in front of the oilseed rape field,” said Bill Coulson who characterizes himself as a “good amatuer photographer.” The yellow flowering rape seed plants are grown for animal food, as well as to produce vegetable oil and biodiesel fuel.

ILFORD Monthly Website Competition

© 2012 Bill Coulson

Bill shot this particular field on numerous occasions before capturing the stark yellow, green, and black striation in this image. The sky was added in Photoshop to complete the primary color palette and provide the dramatic backdrop for the shot.

©2012 Bill Coulson

We asked Bill about his workflow and color management in his digital work. “I do shoot in raw and process all files in Adobe Camera Raw. Any other work is done in Adobe Photoshop CS5. My colour management consists only of profiling the monitor using an X-Rite i1 device. I have been taking photographs now for over forty years and started with film,” says Bill. “I currently shoot using a Nikon D3 and a number of pro lenses. I have always been a devotee of Nikon.” We noticed Bill has an interesting sense of composition and an unusual eye for subjects on his website “I just tend to be lucky,” he says modestly, “and often break what is commonly referred to as composition rules. I am 63 and have recently retired, having been an engineer.”

©2012 Bill Coulson

Bill’s interesting composition and keen eye seem like anything but luck. A short visit to Bill’s website shows a diverse collection if images and an amazing use of color and texture. We hope you will take some time to enjoy his artistic eye by visiting the site.

Congratulations again Bill. Thank you for your winning entry in this month’s website competition.

©2012 OM1n

Each month there are additional images that are featured as noteworthy from the entries submitted for the month. Visit and click on the banner with Bill’s photo or scroll down and click on Photography Competition. We also congratulate those photographers whose images were chosen for mention this month.  Be sure to have a look!

©2012 Antonio Martin Marin

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Thanks to all who have entered and congratulations to our three monthly winners so far. You can read more about the photographers who have won right here on the ILFORD blog: Michael Bocchierie featured in May and Nicola Tonolini featured in April.

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