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ILFORD Hints and Tips | Using a Paper Profile

atlas_313x213One of the most often asked questions I get is how to set the printer driver for printing using a paper profile.  Here’s the way it works:

  1. Let Photoshop or Lightroom manage colors. If you let the printer manage colors there’s no way to control what paper profile your printer is using. To choose what profile you want to use choose this setting.
  2. Select the printer profile you want to use! Be sure the profile you’re using is the correct option for the paper, printer, and ink combination you’re using. (more…)

Soft Proofing for Better Screen to Print Match

One of the most talked about issues in color management once folks are calibrating and profiling their monitors and properly using paper profiles for output is the issue of “soft proofing.”  This term really is what it sounds like… proofing what the hard copy will look like without actually making a print.  How in the world do you do that you ask? Well that’s the proverbial $64,000 question.

The basic work flow is very simple. (more…)