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052813-imgMake Custom Paper Profiles Your Best Friend!

View the archive of ILFORD webinar: Make Custom Paper Profiles Your Best Friend! hosted by Joe Brady. This is another in our series of webinars on fine art printing. Learn more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige fine art papers at

Do your prints have the same drama, color and beauty as the image you see on your monitor? If not, you need to spend some time with us  in this new ILFORD webinar learning about how to create and use custom paper profiles! Sponsored by ILFORD, learn about the tools and techniques to make your prints the best they can be. (more…)

New Webinar from ILFORD | Creating, Editing and Printing Black and White Fine Art Prints

Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 12.23.36 PM

Printing black and white fine art prints has long been recognized as an art form. Silver gelatin black and white prints have been recognized as the ultimate printed form of photography known for the wide tonal range, beautiful paper surfaces, and permanence ratings. Since the advent of digital photography inkjet papers and inks have evolved dramatically causing collectors, galleries, and museums to recognize that digital prints now rival and surpass silver gelatin prints. Now your desktop becomes the black and white darkroom that no longer requires an enlarger, orange safe light, and trays filled with chemicals.

ig_b_w_01_a4-25_h12_h100_MainWith the introduction of the latest fine art inkjet papers and in particular, ILFORD’s new Gold Mono Silk Paper, black & white printing on today’s inkjet printers has taken a great leap in quality. To get the best results from these prints, you need to understand the tools available for converting full color captures into gray-scale images, understand how to adjust tonal distribution in an image and decide which type of paper will do the best job in conveying both the dynamic qualities of the photograph and the intended mood.

Join host Joe Brady in this free webinar sponsored by ILFORD as the workflow and techniques from capture to edit to print are discussed and explored. If you are a fan of black and white images or interested in getting started, this presentation will be time well spent.

This will be a live streaming webinar. CLICK HERE to bookmark the page where the webinar will be broadcast and learn how you can be sure you know about all the great educational opportunities available from ILFORD.

Find out more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige inkjet papers at

ILFORD and Hunt’s Photo and Video offer Free Webinar

Join ILFORD and Hunt’s Photo and Video for this free webinar on Friday, March 29, 2013 at 1pm EDT.
Click the “Join Us Live” button and see instructions for registering and bookmarking the page to return for the webinar. We hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 8.29.42 PM

Friday, March 29th at 1pm EDT

What are the aspects and qualities that make for a Gallery-Quality Fine Art Print? This Live Video Webinar will give you the answers. Exacting color, smooth tonal transitions, a well-balanced contrast range and the best paper choice for the image all come together to make a print worthy of hanging in any venue or location. Join us for this free live video webinar sponsored by Ilford and see what it takes to make prints that qualify as “Gallery Quality”.

Color workflow, soft-proofing and what fine edits to make will all go a long way towards making your results both accurate and repeatable. In this presentation, we’ll explore the process, tools and techniques from edit to output that allow you to produce a print both you and your customers will be proud of.

Start Times: 1 PM Eastern, 12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific
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FREE Webinar New ILFORD GALERIE Fine Art Papers

030813-imgJoin a free webinar featuring the new ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Papers on Friday, March 8, 2013 at 1:00pm EST. Joe Brady will introduce ILFORD’s new Fine Art Papers and tell you how to get the best print results possible. Three new paper categories are presented is this line up including 100% Cotton Rag, High Quality Alpha-Cellulose, and ILFORD’s Gold Mono Silk, specifically created for black and white printing.

Learn about what properties make each new paper unique and see how to download and implement ILFORD’s free paper profiles for great color accuracy. After installing the profiles, Joe will take us through print settings from both Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 and Lightroom® 4 to ensure consistent and reproducible results.

Join us for this free live video webinar sponsored by ILFORD and see how these new photo papers can add to the beauty and longevity of your fine art prints.

ILFORDRegisterClick REGISTER and bookmark the webinar page. Join us this Friday and give your images the fine art finish of ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Papers.


New! ILFORD Webinars On Demand for the Holidays

ILFORD Webinar_PaperSurfaceWe’re always working to bring you more resources for our readers and we’ve just added a wonderful addition to the ILFORD blog. We’ve archived all the webinars we’ve presented for ILFORD. The collection is growing and right now we already have three offerings for you.

Just click on the “Webinars” tab at the top of the page or to to   and click on the titles to go directly to the webinars we have for you there.  The holidays can give us a little extra time to enrich ourselves and enjoy some webinars that entertain as well as inform.

HappyHolidaysWe hope you enjoy these webinars and check back often for more offerings. Be sure to add your name to the ILFORD mailing list so you’ll be notified when we’re planning another live webinar. You’ll also get the ILFORD newsletter as well that is debuting soon!

From our family to yours… Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous New Year in 2013. We look forward to your comments on the ILFORD blog. Be sure to follow @ilfordimaging on Twitter and “Like” Ilford Imaging on Facebook. You can also find us on Google+ just CLICK HERE or look for ILFORD.


FREE ILFORD Webinar | Choosing a Photo Paper Surface

Join us on Thursday, December 6, 2012 for a FREE ILFORD Webinar called “Choosing a Paper Surface for Your Inkjet Prints.”

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers provide surfaces from the classic silky texture and warm tone of Gold Fibre Silk to the film based super high gloss surface of Smooth High Gloss that is reminiscent of Cibachrome and Ilfochrome prints of days gone by. (more…)

ILFORD Webinars | Get in on the Action!

Our first two webinars from ILFORD Imaging are now posted online for On Demand viewing.  You can check them out 24/7/365 at your convenience.  And you can go over the subject matter as many times as you like. You’ll find these webinar at, click the Community tab and choose Webinars!

Our first webinar featured Eddie Tapp and Joe Brady in a live webinar called “ILFORD Master Eddie Tapp on Creating a Gallery Quality Print from Capture to Edit to Print.” This “live” conversation is about an hour and twenty minutes long and packed with all kinds of great info that you can use in your printing workflow.

Most recently Josh Fischer, ILFORD Product Marketing Manager in the US and an expert on colour management, presented another webinar designed to teach you about our new paper called ILFORD GALERIE Prestige and ILFORD GALERIE Premium. Josh talks about color management and getting the best prints possible. If you want to learn what makes ILFORD Prestige and ILFORD Premium special this is the webinar for you! The webinar is called “How to Print Like an ILFORD Master.”

To keep up with webinars planned for later this year check out On August 2, 2012 at 1pm EDT/ 5pm GMT a live webinar called Choosing a Paper Surface for your Photographs will be offered. Host Joe Brady will walk you through questions like this:

  • How and for whom will the image be presented?
  • Will it be mounted or framed?
  • Will it be behind glass? Spray coated? Laminated?
  • What type of environment and light will illuminate the print?

Understanding the options available and how to best present your photographs will have a big effect on the print’s impact, mood and message. Spend some time with Joe so that you can make the best decision and deliver images that will thrill your clients and keep them coming back for more!

Enjoy the ILFORD webinars and be sure to check out for lots of information, articles, videos, photographer interviews, and much more. Get in depth info on the new Prestige and Premium inkjet photo papers and have fun while you’re learning.  You’ll be glad you did!

How to Print Like an ILFORD Master | FREE Webinar

Originally held on Thursday, June 21, 2012

Josh Fischer, ILFORD Product Marketing Manager in the US, walks you through the full revised line of ILFORD inkjet media made especially for digital photographers. Josh is an expert on color management and gives you an overview of what it takes to print like an ILFORD Master.

This is a great week at ILFORD.  Be sure you get all the information as soon as it is rolled out by continuing to read the ILFORD blog. You’ll also get reminders for new blogs, webinars, and more be following @ILFORDImaging on Twitter and “Liking” ILFORD Imaging on Facebook.

Check out the archived webinar with Eddie Tapp and Joe Brady at Be sure to enter your photo in the ILFORD Monthly Website Competition on Flickr. Each month’s winner will be featured on the new ILFORD website at Get your photo entered today.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be a great week at ILFORD!


ILFORD Master Eddie Tapp LIVE Webinar!

Eddie Tapp ILFORD X-Rite WebinarYou will want to make some time to attend a LIVE webinar this Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 1:00pm EDT / GMT 17:00 featuring ILFORD Master Eddie Tapp. This webinar is called Creating a Gallery Quality Print. All you need is the link and a good internet connection to view and participate live in this amazing international event. Just click the “Join Us Live” button at the bottom on the day of the event. Please note that there is no pre-registration. Simply go to this page on May 3rd at 1PM EDT, enter your E-Mail address, Postal Code and Country and the live streaming video will begin!

Eddie Tapp will be joined by Joe Brady to discuss the workflow necessary to produce your gallery quality print. Eddie is a fan of ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk so be sure to tune in to hear what he has to say about ILFORD GALERIE inkjet photo papers for photographers.

Be sure to check out for lots of other information including the monthly Flickr Photo Contest. Your photo could be featured on the new ILFORD website. And remember to “Like” ILFORD Imaging on Facebook and follow @ilfordimaging on Twitter to keep up with all the latest from ILFORD.  Step up from the Ordinary with inkjet photo paper for digital photographers from ILFORD.