ILFORD and Image Permanence

How long a photo will last is a constant topic of consideration. This obsession with image permanence is born, not in small part, from photography’s relative youth as a method of preserving glimpses into human history. Whether the photograph is of our grandmother in a family album, photo of a soldier gone off to war,  or a street scene shot from the camera of one of the founders of photography, we are fascinated by the frozen split seconds that are captured in a photograph. They literally allow us to time travel back in time to see how a place or a person appeared in a time very long ago.

One very important international body concerned with the permanence of all sorts of media is the Image Permanence Institute, a part of Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Imaging Technology. ( Here is what their mission statement says Image Permance Institute Logoabout the organization: “The Image Permanence Institute (IPI) is a recognized world leader in the development and deployment of sustainable practices for the preservation of images and cultural property. IPI accomplishes this through a balanced program of research, education, products and services that meet the needs of individuals, companies, and institutions.” Their DP3 Newsletter is always a source of interesting information about the technologies and practices that affect permanence. This month’s offering features a transcript IPI Director James Reillyfrom the keynote speech at an event called Archiving 2012 by IPI Director James Reilly. The article proposes to … “contrast the situation two decades ago when silver halide imaging was the unquestioned leading technology for making reflection prints, with the current situation where silver halide is still widely used but three newer technologies—inkjet, electrophotography, and thermal dye transfer—are the primary methods in use for creating photographic prints.” CLICK HERE to read the article and be sure to sign up for your own copy of DP3 Newsletter.

ILFORD is concerned with permanence of our materials as a matter of daily research and development. Our engineers and scientists are constantly working to make sure that an image you print on ILFORD inkjet paper is going to last through the ages to give generations not yet living a glimpse into our world. Wilhelm Imaging Research has produced independent permanence testing in the photo industry for many decades now. ILFORD Inkjet Photo Paper PermanenceHenry Wilhelm and his team published a report on some ILFORD GALERIE inkjet photo paper just last year. In that report Wilhelm Imaging Research found that the papers tested are expected to survive well beyond 200 years displayed under glass. The expectation rises even higher if the prints are displayed under UV glass or stored in darkness.  Just to give us a marker for how long that is in the photography world, photography has been in existence less than 180 years!

ILFORD has been on the scene making photographic products for 130 years and continues to be a leader in the industry. Learn more about ILFORD GALERIE inkjet photo paper at Insure that your images will last well into the future with ILFORD GALERIE Prestige photo papers for your images. Your images deserve the very best.