ILFORD GALERIE | Devoted to Photographers

Devoted to PhotographersWe don’t make the ILFORD GALERIE range for photocopiers. Nor do we make paper for illustrators. ILFORD GALERIE is for photographers and for photographers only.

We love photography and for over 130 years, ILFORD has been dedicated to the technology of image-making. We’re here to stay. At our world-class facility in Switzerland we have a team of experts in all elements of photo printing, researching everything the way that dyes and inks interact with photo paper to the multi-layer GALERIE coatings; we develop photo paper for photographers around the world.

030813-imgThroughout our long history ILFORD has survived the many changes within photography by maintaining a focus on innovation and by always listening to the needs of our customers. What matters to photographers matters to us. In the 2012 ILFORD GALERIE survey we wrote to our customers to ask them what was important when it came to photo paper. They told us that qualitychoice, and convenience are crucial to them when it comes to choosing a photo paper. Our GALERIE products perform exceptionally well in each of these areas.

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