ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk and Digital Toning

The “gold standard” for any professional inkjet photo paper is comparison with conventional silver based photo paper.  ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk is an inkjet paper that has the rich look and feel of fiber based silver prints.  And one of the most shocking things about it… the smell!  The distinctive aroma of Gold Fibre Silk comes from the baryta (barium sulphate) layer that resides underneath the ink receiving layer.  This gives Gold Fibre Silk a similar structure to traditional light sensitive fibre based photographic papers. At a substantial 310gsm weight, ILFORD GALERIE PrestigeGold Fibre Silk “feels” like double weight fiber photographic paper.

Gold Fibre Silk is suitable for color and black and white inkjet printing using both pigment and dye ink set printers. Good solid blacks along with a wide color gamut for reproduction makes it a perfect choice for both albums and framed prints, from portraits to landscapes. This paper provides excellent sharpness with excellent print permanence and resistance to humidity according to recent data published by Wilhelm Imaging Research.

All of these attributes are perfectly suited to a technique called Digital Toning. In the days of wet processes and silver based black and white printing these processes could be time consuming and often incorporated the use of toxic chemicals that required special ventilation or even breathing masks. With digital files and inkjet media like ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk creating digitally toned monochrome images can be accomplished in a variety of ways, all of them simple, quick, and infinitely adjustable..  You may want to experiment with techniques for yourself. Cyanotype to sepia can be accomplished “by the numbers.” To get you started ILFORD makes available a “Creative Tips” for Digital Toning document the essence of which is a ten-step guide that can be used with Adobe Photoshop®.

1. Select the image to be toned.
2. Open the image.
3. Save the image with a new name.
4. Make sure that the image mode is set for RGB.
5. Create a new empty layer.
6. Using the colour picker enter the following values:
Red Green Blue
• Sepia 215 175 110
• Blue 20 120 180
• Gold 250 145 55
• Neutral No Overlay Required
• Cool 150 150 175
• Warm 180 170 150
7. Fill the empty layer with this colour selection.
8. In the layer properties box select Overlay.
9. You now have a Quick toned Image and can now either:
a) Flatten the layers and make overall adjustments in various parameters.
b) Make adjustments to either the image or colour layer until you have the
variant that you prefer.
10. Save and print your new ‘digital toned’ image on GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk.

Of course there are as many options as you can imagine so experiment for yourself. This guide is intended only to get you started.  You can download the entire PDF on this technique  on the at  ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk at

You can download ILFORD GOLD Fibre Silk printer profiles for popular photographic inkjet printers.  CLICK HERE to go to Printer Profiles on

The bottom line is simple… if you want an inkjet photo paper that looks, feels, and smells like a photograph, choose ILFORD GALERIE PrestigeGold Fibre Silk. For exceptional D-max blacks, incredible sharpness and a wide color gamut that will show your photographic images in a print you’ll be proud of your choice is Gold Fibre Silk.

We would really enjoy hearing your experience with Gold Fibre Silk. Please leave a comment here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be featured on the ILFORD blog!

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