ILILFORD GALERIE Prestige Papers Review on Luminous Landscape

Luminous LandscapeLuminious Landscape editors Mark D. Segal and Michael Reichmann posed the question “What’s the gold standard of inkjet papers?” in their recent review of new ILFORD GALERIE fine art papers at While the answer to this question clearly depends on what each individual likes and has as a vision for the print, having choices is essential for attaining one’s own vision for how the final print will express the photographer’s image.


ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton Textured, Gold Fibre Silk, and Fine Art Smooth compared in Luminous Landscape review.

Luminious Landscape’s review features ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers compared to one another so you can get an idea how each paper differs from the other. ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk was used as a “benchmark” paper to compare the new offerings Gold Mono Silk, Gold Cotton Smooth, Gold Cotton Textured, Fine Art Smooth, and Fine Art Textured. Learn more about all of these inkjet photo papers and more CLICK HERE.

This review reveals the huge gamut volume available on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk made especially for black and white printing. Read the entire review: CLICK HERE to read the article on Luminous Landscape.

Finding the right paper for your image is an important part of your photographic expression. That’s why ILFORD has expanded our offering of surfaces, paper types, and paper color with these new papers added to the tried and true standards like Gold Fibre Silk. Find out why Luminious Landscape says, “With so many papers on the market to chose from, we commend Ilford’s willingness to develop these new offerings; they are very good products. Expanded choice is the best friend of those in the photographic community who still believe that a photograph remains a form of graphic art that deserves to be seen on paper.”

Learn more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige NEW fine art papers at where you can find information and download paper profiles for current photo quality printers.