ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl Inkjet Paper

ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl Inkjet PaperWhen you print on inkjet paper you want excellent tonal range, water resistance, and confidence that your image will not slowly fade away over time. ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl gives you all this and a beautiful surface for portfolio prints, finished prints delivered to you client, or photos for your own enjoyment.

200+ Year Print Permanence

Tests still in progress at Wilhelm Research indicated that ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl, when printed with pigment inks and displayed under glass, will be beautiful to look at 200 years from now! Covering a print with glass reduces exposure to airborne pollutants that can cause “gas fading.” Using UV glass will yield additional protection from UV rays that also conspire to reduce permanence.  Displaying prints made on Smooth Pearl behind UV glass can extend their life beyond 200 years.(Download the full report.)

ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl was rated as having a high resistance to water and humidity. Besides “gas fading” from pollutants and exposure to UV light, humidity is the next great enemy of print longevity. Once again ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl comes out a champ.

Even if you simply put the print up on a wall out of direct sunlight in normal room lighting without protection your print on ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl using pigment inks is expected to still be beautiful for over 70 years! (Note that luminance levels exceeding 450 LUX for 12 hours per day may reduce this estimate). What makes ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl such a great choice for print permanence and image longevity and stability?

ILFORD GALERIE Inkjet PaperNanoporous technology is part of the magic. Inkjet papers are made up of layers. The receiving layer is the layer that actually “receives” and holds the ink.  Various additional layers make up the rest of weight of the paper and provide the base upon which this receiving layer resides.  Nanoporous layers take up ink in tiny channels making the print “dry to the touch” when it comes out of the printer making it possible to  gently handle prints immediately. This fast drying property allows you to use high speed settings on your printer. The technology “locks” the ink into the receiving layer helping to provide resistance to humidity and water.

ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl has a heavy base weight that gives prints a rich feel as well. At 290gsm Smooth Pearl exceeds the competition giving you the look and feel of  a conventional photograph. And ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl achieves a clean white surface without optical brighteners. You’ll be amazed at the color gamut possible with excellent image clarity. Expect your printed image to meet and exceed conventional photographic printing.

All ILFORD Smooth papers are “universal” papers. They are well matched to both dye and pigment inks from a variety of manufacturers. This “universal” ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl no matter what printer or ink type you normally use.

ILFORD wants you to get the best print possible. That’s way we provide printer profiles for the most widely used photographic quality inkjet printers directly from our website. Go to  Select “Printer Profiles” under the “Support” tab at the top. Here you’ll choose “GALERIE” and enter information about the printer you’re using.  You’ll be led to a download link were you can get the printer profile that matches your printer ink and paper combination. This link will include the profile that you’ll need and a Read Me file that tells you where to install the profile in your operating system to make is accessible in programs that you use to print in a color managed workflow. You can also make custom printer profiles with color management solutions like X-Rite i1Photo Pro and i1Publish Pro and ColorMunki Photo.

In each box of paper you’ll find a sheet that gives you valuable information on how to set your media type in various printer drivers to insure the ink is placed on the paper in a optimum way to give you the very best from your particular printer on ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl paper. Color management is essential to a consistent, predictable workflow and ILFORD is committed to providing you with all the tools necessary to control your output with good color management practices.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing your beautiful images coming of your inkjet printer on ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl paper you owe to yourself to try it and experience the quality, the feel, and the longevity of this fine inkjet paper. ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl is available in sheets and rolls from you photographic dealer. Step up from the ordinary. Give yourself the pleasure of seeing your work printed on ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl.  Visit for more information.

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