ILFORD Guide to Handling Inkjet Prints

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 11.17.24 AMHandling inkjet prints after they come out of the printer is important to the life of the image on paper. As we know, pigment inks come out of the printer dry to the touch. And an additional time period is needed for the image to be completely stable. Evaporation of water and and solvents is sometimes referred to as “out gassing.”  It’s important to give a print some time to “breathe” before framing so that this “out gassing” process is complete. Generally allowing the print to cure in a warm, dry room for 24 hours before framing is adequate.

After this curing process we want to make sure that we are handling prints properly to ensure their longevity. A Practical Guide to Handling Inkjet Prints for Optimum Results located under the Support tab at provides some practical advice on storing and displaying your prints for best results.

lux_image_house_374x160Direct sunlight, UV light, humidity, and ozone are some of the major enemies of inkjet images. The more you can do to protect your prints from these effects the better image stability you will enjoy.  In addition you will want to safeguard your images against extreme heat, moisture, and abrasions. You may also want to consult the Guide to Image Permanence for more detailed information.

To enjoy the images we make in our homes or offices the answer is generally framing the image behind glass making sure that the print surface is not touching the protective glass. Displaying the image in low light avoiding direct sunlight is also important.

Take a moment and read through A Practical Guide to Handling Inkjet Prints for Optimum Results. Taking the time to display or store your inkjet prints properly can give them a longer life so the images can be enjoyed for decades.

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