ILFORD Hints and Tips | Using a Paper Profile

atlas_313x213One of the most often asked questions I get is how to set the printer driver for printing using a paper profile.  Here’s the way it works:

  1. Let Photoshop or Lightroom manage colors. If you let the printer manage colors there’s no way to control what paper profile your printer is using. To choose what profile you want to use choose this setting.
  2. Select the printer profile you want to use! Be sure the profile you’re using is the correct option for the paper, printer, and ink combination you’re using.
  3. Choose your rendering intent. Perceptual or Relative colormetric are our choices for photographic printing on inkjet printers. This is really your preference to set. Depending on how many out of gamut colors you’re dealing with this setting may make small or large differences in the way your prints look. You can see the difference by selecting these options when you soft proof. Learn more about soft proofing in Lightroom here:
  4. When you arrive at your printer driver there are three important things that MUST be set properly –
  • Media type – this tells the print head how to put the ink onto the paper
  • Resolution – determines how much ink is put on the paper
  • Turn Color Management OFF!

We turn color management off in the printer driver because we’re already color managing from Photoshop or Lightroom. If we do not disable color management in the printer driver, two systems will be fighting each other to color manage the image and that’s just never a good thing.

ILFORD Hints and Tips is an area of that has some incredibly useful information! For instance, do you know how to determine the print side of the paper? Even though prints are dry when they come out of the printer, how long until the print is fully dried and ready for stacking and storing? The answers to these questions are just some of the information you’ll find under Hints and Tips.