ILFORD Imaging Quality | CEO Paul Willems

ILFORD CEO Paul WillemsIn a video on, ILFORD Imaging CEO Paul Willems gives us an inside look at why ILFORD Imaging produces the highest quality inkjet paper for digital photographers.  “Starting way back in 1879 ILFORD was one of the pioneers in the industry,” says Willems. “We’ve always been at the forefront of pushing technology in the industry.” Staying close to our customers is what keeps ILFORD continually innovating by making investments in research and development. And ILFORD continues to innovate over 130 years later.

ILFORD Imaging R&D“Through our imaging science and coating technology, our products are universally compatible with any printer our customers may have,” says Willems. Customers expect the very best quality product and our users expect this from ILFORD.  Our customers also expect ease of use and that’s why ILFORD provides high quality printer profiles for the most popular photo printers in the industry for all of our inkjet media. “Making sure you get the best our of your equipment is really what we want to offer our customers.”

In addition, ILFORD inkjet papers enjoy a very high permanence ratings at 200+ years by Wilhelm Imaging Research. So whether you’re making prints for your family that will be handed down for generations or printing museum quality prints for collectors, ILFORD offers amazing print permanence ratings in addition to beautiful surfaces and large color gamuts for maximum fidelity of reproduction.

Listen to what CEO Paul Willems has to say about ILFORD Imaging and where we stand in the market today.

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