ILFORD Influencer Alan Winslow at Palm Beach Photographic Centre

Alan Winslow is a story teller. My first meeting with him was at Skylight Diner across the street from B&H Photo in New York City. His easy manner and wide smile made me understand why he is a sought after educator and workshop leader. But my questions were about his love of printing. Alan had been recommended to me as a master print maker.Alan Winslow at Palm Beach Photographic Centre

He spoke to me about his relationships with prints. He makes small versions of portfolio images and hangs them in his office to “live” with them for days or weeks keeping only the ones that remain exciting to him over time. “I don’t consider the image complete until it is printed,” he offered. And I surely agree.

He likes to carry real inkjet prints in his portfolio rather than showing them on an iPad or other tablet device. “When a photograph is printed you can feel the paper, the surface, the weight,” says Winslow. “It’s a very different experience.”

Recently Alan offered a three hour workshop at Event Space inside B&H Photo Video Superstore in New York City. The workshop was called Fall in Love with Print Again: Technically and Creatively co-sponsored by ILFORD and X-Rite Photo. That presentation will be archived and ready for on demand viewing in a few days and we will post it here for your convenience.

Alan Winslow at Palm Beach Photographic Centre

© Alan Winslow

Another opportunity is just around the corner to learn how to make your vacations into unforgettable stories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Alan has a unique ability to capture the essence of a destination. He shares the way he uses his camera to enhance the experience of being in a place using landscape, nature, street photography, and portraits of people. This class will also cover equipment selection, packing, file management on the road, and developing a cohesive travel narrative. By the end of the three days, participants will have created and edited a travel story that will be reviewed on the final day of class.

Alan Winslow at Palm Beach Photographic Centre

© Alan Winslow

If you’re struggling with the weather forecast for blizzard conditions and icy weather make plans to be at Palm Beach Photographic Centre on March 23-25, 2017 for a Travel Story Workshop with Alan Winslow. Only a few spots are left for this workshop so take this opportunity to learn how to tell the story of your dream vacations so you can enjoy them and share those memories for years to come. CLICK HERE for details and how to register.

Alan Winslow, is a portrait and travel photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. He has lectured and shown work at institutions such as the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Triennial of Photography Hamburg, International Photo Festival Leiden, Photoville 2014, the DUMBO Arts Festival, SUNY Buffalo, and the University of Florida, Gainesville.  He is a 2015 Artist in Residence in Everglades Fellow. He teaches photography at Brooklyn Central as well as at The Maine Media Workshops and College. Beginning winter 2015 Alan will also be teaching at the International Center for Photography. Alan is a passionate educator and regularly teaches photography workshops around the world. He loves ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Gloss.

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