ILFORD Monthly Photo Competition Winner | Mark Micallef


Meet Mark Micallef, winner of our ILFORD Monthly Photo Competition and featured on the website at for the month of July 2013. He’s been photographing for 35 years. His subject matter varies widely as you’ll see at his website We caught up with him recently to ask some questions about the winning photo.

ILFORD blog: Where was the winning photo taken?

Mark Micallef: Underground at the Hollywood Blvd/Western Ave, Metro train station.

©2013 Mark Micallef

©2013 Mark Micallef

Ib: What caught your eye and caused you to take the photograph?

MM: I wanted to center the curved bench and the support column to create symmetry.

Ib: Did you wait or plan the shot?

MM: Yes I did. I waited until 11:30pm so people were not much of a problem!

©2013 Mark Micallef

©2013 Mark Micallef

Ib: The winning image looks like HDR. Is it?

MM: Yes it is, made from three images shot one stop apart. They are combined in Photoshop as a 32-bit process, saved as a tiff file and re-open in Photoshop as a raw file. Doing this expands the dynamic range by several stops and tone mapping is not necessary as it adds unneeded noise to the final image.

Ib: How did you “finish” the shot?

MM: Just Photoshop. I did not use any third party plugins.

©2013 Mark Micallef

©2013 Mark Micallef

Ib: What is your favorite subject matter?

MM: Landscapes, cityscapes, and more recently, people.

Ib: Congratulations on winning the ILFORD Monthly Website competition!

MM: I’m honored to be recognized in this competition and by a company such as ILFORD.

Be sure to visit Mark Macallef’s website and find him on Google+ as well. Congratulations on winning last month’s ILFORD Monthly Website Competition. Enter your photo today and your photo could be featured at and your profile featured right here on the ILFORD blog next month.

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