Luster and ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk

Luster on ILFORD Inkjet Paper

Josh and Jodie Steen, owners of Luster and digital pioneers based in NYC.

Luster is the brainchild of Josh and Jodie Steen. It is an online photographic gallery and community. Luster uses ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk for these collectable, exclusively curated photographs. The wide color gamut, deep black density, beautiful smooth texture, and permanence ratings all play a part in Luster’s choice of Gold Fibre Silk.

Luster’s grand arrival on the scene in NYC and online was celebrated at a wonderful evening at ROOT (Drive-In) where work from several of the Luster photographers was shown.  We were fortunate enough to attend and talk with some of the photographers about their work and about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk. Enjoy the short video below that we captured that evening.

There are more photos of the event on the “Community” tab at

Here’s what says in the “About” section, “We believe that everyone should be able to collect great art.  We believe we’ve found a way to make it happen, without compromising creativity or quality.

  • By making it easy and enjoyable to search for and discover fine art photography
  • By making it affordable to buy and collect limited edition prints of different sizes and prices
  • By producing museum quality prints, with love and an obsessive attention to detail

Luster knows the photographers and the industry inside out. Based in the global hub of commercial photography, New York City, we work closely with the top commercial and editorial photographers, providing a platform for their personal and fine art work.

We meticulously select only the work we really admire and we print professionally in our studio – a process that is overseen by the photographer. And we pack and ship the prints direct to you. Which is how we make collecting accessible and affordable for more people.”

Visit today and learn more about how affordable it can be to collect beautiful archival photographs from amazing photographers. These images are not available anywhere else. So just enjoy the online gallery.  The images are diverse and amazing.