Morgan Miller on Peace Angels and ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk

Severine Manuel, Lin Evola, Morgan Miller

Severine Manuel, Lin Evola, Morgan Miller

Photographer Morgan Miller became involved in a very interesting project this year.  He was retained to create a photograph that would depict the Renaissance Peace Angel sculpture that stood in New York near the World Trade Center site in the days immediately following September 11, 2001. This 13-foot sculpture captured the idea that the elements of war can be moulded into artwork that teaches peace and transforms the viewer. This amazing sculpture by Lin Evola  is part of her Peace Angels Project, founded in 1992 and designed to use art as a vehicle for change.

Lin Evola Peace Angel by photographer Morgan Miller on ILFORD inkjet paper

©2011 Morgan Miller

The National September 11 Museum wanted images of the Renaissance Peace Angel for the permanent collection, images that would capture the emotion of what the Peace Angels represented when they stood near what became known as Ground Zero in the days following the attacks of September 11, 2001. Morgan Miller was the man given  this difficult task. “They wanted artistically interpreted images of th[e] angels,” said Miller. He described the assignment as “quite a challenge.” Made from snapshots and bits and pieces of images rephotographed  the final photo is meant to reproduce the emotion of the Peace Angels standing near the World Trade Center site in those dark days. “These images … captured the moment and mood of when the angels were there and the people around them…  through color, shadow, grain, and texture.” Morgan said.

The images were originally printed on another inkjet paper but the opportunity to print the images on ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk gave Morgan a look at the amazing color gamut, deep blacks and warm highlights possible on this fine art photography paper designed for inkjet printing. Check out this video.  Morgan spoke to us about why he used ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk, the Peace Angels, and his thoughts on photography as a lifelong pursuit.

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