October Winner ILFORD Website Photo Competition Winner | Johnathan Ide

Meet Johnathan Ide, winner of the October ILFORD Website Photo Competition. His beautiful black and white photograph will grace the homepage of the ILFORD website for the month of November. Enter your photo in this month’s contest by visiting www.ILFORD.com. Scroll down to find the “Tell Me More” button on the Photography Competition banner to enter your photo.  And visit the ILFORD Imaging monthly website competition Flickr group to view all the great photos that have been entered in the contest to date.  It’s an amazing collection sure to delight and inspire you.

We’re always interested to get to know the photographers who enter our contest so we’ve been in contact with Johnathan to find out more about his photography, the winning photograph, and his views on photographic printing.  Johnathan is a fan of ILFORD photo papers. He sends his printing out to a service rather than doing it himself. He still shoots and processes his own ILFORD HP5 black and white 120 film. Says Johnathan, “It’s versatile and gives me just the right amount of grain.”

@2012 Johnathan Ide

“This photograph is from one of my weddings, its a shot that I love and one that a lot of people remark on. It sums up the way that I shoot weddings in a single shot.”

– Johnathan Ide

Here’s part of the interview we did with portrait and wedding photographer Johnathan Ide of UK.

BKH: How did you get started in photography?

JI: My father and my brother both used to shoot and process their own black & white film, I guess that’s how I got got the bug.

Pier in Bognor
©2012 Johnathan Ide

BKH: With the advent of digital capture and image sharing electronically do you see photographic prints as still relevant?

JI: Good quality printing is just as important now as it’s ever been. It’s the bet way to insure the viewer sees the image the way  that you intended.

©2012 Johnathan Ide

©2012 Johnathan Ide

BKH: Tell us more about your winning photograph.

JI: It’s a portrait of my daughter taken using available light from a window on a Nikon D700 using an 85mm lens, converted to B&W in lightroom, and a little Dodging & Burning in PS. I think the intense stare may be down to boredom during a long portrait session. Lesson, always keep your subject engaged.

Congratulations to Johnathan and all the winners in our ILFORD Monthly Website Competition. Have a look at this month’s choices as well as past month’s winners and Highly Recommended photos at www.ILFORD.com. And be sure to enter. You could be featured here next month!