Paul McAlister on ILFORD GALERIE Quality

Paul McAlister is an interesting guy. He’s an Irishman who currently lives in Ontario, Canada.   He’s a second career photographer who shoots a wide variety of commercial work from portraiture to fine art reproduction. And like a lot of photographers I know, he enjoys landscape photography most of all.

One of Paul’s images was chosen in the August Website Photo Competition as Highly Recommended.  He wrote to us to say how much he enjoys quality of ILFORD GALERIE inkjet papers and we caught up with him recently by phone to learn more about his photography and why he prefers ILFORD inkjet media for his digital photo prints.  Enjoy the audio from the interview below.

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Here’s a partial transcript of our conversation:

BKH: Tell us a little bit about the photo that was listed as “Highly Recommended” in the August ILFORD Monthly Website Photo Competition.

PA: Well it was just one of those evenings where there was a storm rolling through… Just at sunset there a little gap opened on the horizon… and it underlit the whole sky.  That’s exactly the way it was. I’ve done so little post-processing on it.

Collage from “Transience” by Marguerite Larmand

BKH: You’re an ILFORD paper user?

PA: Recently I had a client who wanted a certain quality of print. She wanted to offer some fine art prints [of her art]. I produced some photos of her art work on five different papers. Once she lifted the ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Fine Art paper, that was it!  She said, “This is the one!” and discounted everything else.  It’s beautiful. She was thrilled … that it would give her longevity for the print to last. It’s giving her the assurance that when she sells it, the quality is there and it’s not going to fade.

BKH: What kind of photographer are you?

PA: I do everything from weddings to corporate work.  But my own passion is for landscape photography.  I’ve been inspired by Ansel Adams obviously, but there is also an Englishman called Charlie Waite and he is a wonderful photographer.

BKH: Tell me about how you feel about seeing a photograph printed on a piece of paper versus shown on a screen.

PA: I think people like to see something hanging on their wall. I think there’s always going to be a demand for good quality prints.

BKH: There’s something about feeling the print and holding it or seeing it hanging on a wall day after day after day.

PA: That’s it. People become emotionally attached… they fall in love with it. They’re making a statement about that print. They’re saying, “I like that and I want it adorning that space.”

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