Phil Haber Winner of ILFORD Website Competition on Photography and ILFORD Photo Paper


Phil Haber December 2012Phil Haber’s photo of a sleepy street in Scotland has been featured during the month of December on as one of the rotating banners on the home page. The ILFORD Monthly Website Photo Competition has produced a different featured photographer each month since the launch of our new website in early 2012.

This particular winning photograph as an early morning shot that Phil was able to capture when he was traveling in Edinburgh, Scotland to attend a wedding. “It’s my habit when we’re traveling in a foreign city, particularly in Europe, to get up before dawn… because that’s when you get the wonderful light,” he said. “This was a Sunday morning… I looked out the window and saw a sky like you PhilHaberrarely see in Scotland.”

We caught up with Phil last week to talk about his photography and why he uses ILFORD photo paper for his photographs. Check out the audio interview below:

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Phil Haber FrancePhil is a retired lawyer who has been a photographer since childhood when he and his father shared a home darkroom. He has devoted himself full time to photography for the past two years. Phil has a very specific style to his photography that features clean lines and intense color. Visit to view his beautiful galleries from the Hudson Valley and New York City to Scotland, Ireland, and Paris. He also has a blog called Phil Haber’s Photography Notes where he provides short essays to accompany his photography on recent trips.

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