Photograher Derek Jecxz and ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl for Marketing

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Photographer Derek Jecxz is a fine art photographer who understands the power of the print. His photographic artwork has been purchased and installed by hundreds of corporations, institutions and homes across the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. His beautiful fine art images have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums and has received many awards.

Derek sent me an example of a marketing campaign that he developed to introduce his work to potential clients. It’s a simple but powerful idea… show your clients what the images look like as a print.  There’s nothing more powerful than holding a photograph in your hand.  Here’s what he had to say about the campaign, “The marketing book was a huge success. The paper was a fantastic choice. It impressively demonstrated the quality of my fine art photographs. It had an effective direct result. It opened a lot of doors and gave us many new accounts.”

Derek used ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl for this project. He included twenty-five images, cataloged with item numbers. He shows the sizes available for prints of each image and the location where the photograph was taken.

The cover and back of the booklet were also done on ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl. The last page included his photo, bio, and all contact information. To see more of Derek’s work visit

Another option for a project like this is ILFORD GALERIE Premium Lustre Duo, a double-sided inkjet photo paper with a quality lustre finish to both surfaces. This double-sided media is ideal for a cost effective portfolio option for professionals or students looking to showcase their talents. It’s also a great option for creative gifts such as albums and calendars.

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