2013 Greenland – Western Fjords with ILFORD Master Seth Resnick and John Paul Caponigro


Join world renowned Canon Explorer of Light photographers, Seth Resnick  and John Paul Caponigro,  in Greenland aboard Quark Expedition’s Sea Spirit for a photography adventure of a lifetime!  Prepare to be amazed by majestic Greenland’s western fjord system, a region defined by some of the world’s largest and fastest moving glaciers, sometimes called ‘iceberg factories’. We’ll visit, spectacular fjords with towering ice cliffs, magnificent glaciers calving massive 20120913_frederiksdal_0077.jpgicebergs, ancient villages, and wonderful arctic wildlife (polar bears, walrus, seals, whales, and a multitude of sea birds).

This is more than a photo tour, this is a workshop! This is a unique opportunity (for no more than a few dozen people, with a 1 to 10 participant/leader ratio) to visit one of the most amazing places on this planet led by world renowned photographers – John Paul Caponigro and Seth Resnick – who will help you boost your artistic vision, and creativity. Creativity, composition, exposure, workflow, and post-processing are only a few of the topics presented. Participate in all regularly scheduled public cruise events plus our private presentations.  You’ll travel by Zodiacs dedicated to our photography group  with one instructor guiding each boat. Leaders will work closely with the crew to shoot in the best times at the most beautiful places. Most importantly, they will work closely with you to help you make the most of the adventure and get the best results possible. You’ll benefit tremendously from our advice, guidance, lectures, demonstrations, reviews, special pre and post voyage webinars and one-on-one attention – plus the camaraderie of like-minded talented participants. You’ll experience world class locations, world class accommodations, and world class guidance.

Spectacular green and blue striated Iceberg in the Arctic Ocean of Greenland.For all the information CLICK HERE
Dates: August 28 – September 10, 2013
Price: $1795 photo program fee + $6,496-$16,995 (Your price varies by the cabin you select – Receive 15% off standard berths and 20% off deluxe and single berths for a limited time only) Only a few slots left!

Seth Resnick is a member of the ILFORD Masters program and uses ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk and NEW fine art Gold Cotton Smooth for his fine art images.