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Jeff Lazell on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Smooth High Gloss


Jeff Lazell on location
© 2012 Victor Ha

Photographer and imaging professional Jeff Lazell is someone who works with digital photographic images everyday. He oversees IT operations, production, and digital file management at the prestigious Fred Marcus Studio in New York City.  Jeff relies on super tight color management using X-Rite solutions for accurate and predictable screen to print match both in his work at Fred Marcus Studio and in his own photography.

Jeff is a photographer in his own right working in HDR shooting “urban exploration” subject matter – abandoned buildings, industrial sites, etc. He has fallen in love with ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Smooth High Gloss for his personal work. He compares the deep gloss finish to the way the image looks on the monitor.  “Being able to bring the depth that haveing a backlit image on a monitor has and being able to replicate that on a print is really astounding to me,” he said. “It almost feels like you can reach into the image… It really is very, very close to what you see on a monitor.” (more…)