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Portrait Photographer of the Year Finland and Gold Fibre Silk

Antti Karppinen

Self Portrait
©2013 Antti Karppinen

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk figured prominently in this year’s competition for Portrait Photographer of the Year in Finland. Winner Antti Karppinen prepared his entry photographs on Gold Fibre Silk for the competition. “For this competition I decided to use Ilford Prestige Gold Fibre Silk paper,” says Karppinen. “I really loved the quality of the paper, the texture and the overall feeling in the colors the paper produces.”

Antti Karppinen has been taking pictures for a decade and working professionally as a photographer for about 6 years. With a strong background in retouching he has found his own unique style of photography. “I see the photos [finished] in my head before the shoot,” he says, “and I try to find the right means to [capture] my own vision.” (more…)

ILFORD GALERIE Goes to School | Santa Monica College

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 11.22.14 AMSanta Monica College has a vibrant Photography Department that believes in teaching inkjet printing as an integral part of its curriculum. This two year community college, started in 1946, offers an Associates Arts degree with a wide variety of course offerings to students who are often working full time and putting themselves through school.

_94A9492Professor Ford Lowcock spoke with us recently about the program and the importance of teaching printing to the students there. Ford began his career in 1974 and became a master at layer masking techniques working with Cibachrome starting in 1981. working with one of Eliot Porter’s assistants doing Dye Transfer prints. He also worked with one of Eliot Porter’s assistants learning the master techniques of making Dye Transfer prints.  His love of photography spans the decades right up to current digital technology.StudentShow

Enjoy this clip from our interview with Professor Lowcock:

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An important component of the program is teaching the process of taking the image all the way to the print. “I’m always encouraging my students to go out and print,” says Ford. “That is the standard, I think… does [the image] hold up in a print… I absolutely love printing and encourage all my students to print more.” The annual student exhibition is a highlight of the year at Santa Monica College. (more…)

2013 Greenland – Western Fjords with ILFORD Master Seth Resnick and John Paul Caponigro


Join world renowned Canon Explorer of Light photographers, Seth Resnick  and John Paul Caponigro,  in Greenland aboard Quark Expedition’s Sea Spirit for a photography adventure of a lifetime!  Prepare to be amazed by majestic Greenland’s western fjord system, a region defined by some of the world’s largest and fastest moving glaciers, sometimes called ‘iceberg factories’. We’ll visit, spectacular fjords with towering ice cliffs, magnificent glaciers calving massive 20120913_frederiksdal_0077.jpgicebergs, ancient villages, and wonderful arctic wildlife (polar bears, walrus, seals, whales, and a multitude of sea birds). (more…)

Genesis Exhibition to Feature ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk

GenesisOn April 11th ILFORD Master Sebastiao Salgado‘s much anticipated Genesis exhibition will open its doors at the Natural History Museum in London featuring 200 stunning black and white images printed on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk.  Genesis is Salgado’s third and perhaps last great photographic project. The exhibition is the culmination of a photographic journey of an epic scale which began in 2004 traveling to over 40 countries and culminating in this body of work 8 years later at the end of 2011. The results show a series of pictures about what is still pristine on the planet and Salgado’s hope is “to do a kind of new presentation of the planet, in order to identify it and see it differently. With these pictures we are trying to see if we could understand the planet and respect it in a new way.”

Genesis will be in London from 11 April to 8 September 2013. For tickets, prices and details please visit the Natural History Museum website. Click here for a full list of GENESIS Exhibition Venue information.

A 2 volume book titled Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis is coming soon. Click here for availability and more information. Check out Sebastian Salgado’s two other major photographic projects. “Sebastião Salgado: Workers: An Archaeology of the Industrial Age” is available as a hardcover book in addition to “Sebastiao Salgado: Migrations” both published in 2005.

ig-prestige-gpgfs13-a4_a12_h100_MainFive sets of the prints for Genesis have been printed and will be touring the world in coming months and years. “In order to choose a paper we made a lot of tests with many different types of paper,” said Salgado.  “We loved this one, but we did try lots of different types. Then for the Genesis show we decided to be much stricter in our choice as we wanted to use a paper that would give us only the best… [W]e came back to … ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk. It’s a really beautiful paper. A nice, nice paper and we are very happy with it.” Read the entire interview with Salgado and why he selected ILFORD paper for this historic exhibition click here.

Learn more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers at Find out why Gold Fibre Silk is the choice of ILFORD Masters like Sebastiao Salgado.

Print is Not Dead | Elinor Carucci on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk

Elinor Carucci talks about why she uses ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk

ILFORD Master Elinor Carucci is an Israeli born photographer living and working in New York City with her family. Her fine art photography of the most intimate moments of her family’s life has been shown in galleries all over the world and garnered many awards. Elinor has the uncanny ability to record split seconds of time that speak to us about the human condition. Her photos evoke emotion, they disturb,  they explain, and they confuse. While seemingly recording mundane slices of life her work speaks to us about the human condition and most especially about what it means to be in relationship with others.

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre SilkHer new book “Mother“will publish in 2014 chronicling her and her children’s lives from her pregnancy through the first nine years of her twins lives. ” I have been photographing my children, Eden and Emmanuelle since I got pregnant in 2003,” she says. “I photograph as a mother, from a mother’s point of view, showing the different aspects of motherhood as I see it, the beautiful and the ugly, the magic and the frustration, the extremes that live side by side when you are a mother. I try to photograph them all.” (more…)

Fine Art Photographer Accra Shepp Talks About “Occupy,” “Islands,” and ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk Photo Paper

Accra Shepp is an imposing figure. He’s tall and lanky with a quick smile and a melodious voice. I met him late one afternoon at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York City. I there to do an interview with another photographer before the opening of his show at the Kasher Gallery.  (CLICK HERE for more on Chip Simone.)

Accra is a fine art photographer based in New York. He was exhibiting his photographs of the “Occupy” movement in the front window of the gallery there.  He was there to talk with people as they moved between the two walls of photographs, filled floor to ceiling with images of people putting their bodies on the line to protest.  The photos were captivating and I admit that Accra Shepp himself is a force of nature.  Listen to an an edited clip of our conversation about his work on “Occupy” and his ongoing project photographing “The Islands of New York.”

Click on the audio player below to hear the interview.

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Accra Shepp Occupy MovementHis work on the “Occupy” movement began at the beginning of the protest.  He continues to document the protestors even now after the encampment has been dispersed and the media hype has cooled to the point that most people don’t even think that the protest continues. His images are deeply intimate but so contextually significant that it’s hard to imagine that he shoots these photographs on a 4×5 camera using film.  This is a process that takes time. It slows down the process of photography. It demands that the subject and the photographer spend time in relationship. And this comes through in the photos. “I was blown away by the intensity of effort and the concern that the people had brought to bear,” said Shepp.  “When I go to the site, I have no idea what I’Accra Shepp Occupy Movementm going to find… I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking at until I get there.”  This leaves him open to really observing, addressing, and documenting whatever happens. “I’m interested in the people who are making the protest,” he said. “Because they are the protest.”

I was blown away by the diversity of people that Accra captured in this project.  People from every race, age, class, and educational level were and continue to be part of this political protest. The portraits that he has been able to capture right in context there on the streets of New York City is phenomenal. Each photo tries to tell the story of the person or persons in the photo. The images are intimate split seconds captured by the camera’s aperture that will live on to inform our memories of the Occupy Movement. You can see more of this work at the Steven Kasher Gallery and on his own website

Accra Shepp is also in the middle of another very interesting project called “The Islands of New York.”  This project attempts to photograph all of the islands that make up New York City. I was amazed to find that the city is made up of dozens of islands some only accessible by boat.  Shepp’s work on this project often spans more than one panel of large format film.  Then the images are scanned and printed on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk.

“I heard an interview  with a person who was talking about the various islands of New York,” he said. Shepp had been living in and documenting aspects of Chicago. As a native New Yorker he had not known about this interesting fact of New York being made up of a collection islands.   “To be ignorant of one of it’s most salient features seemed like a problem that needs to be addressed. And its a cultural issue obviously so that’s why I’m addressing it with art…. There are many, many remote parts, I’m thinking about …. some of the parts of Staten Island … you would hardly recognize as New York.”

This is territory that will never run out of things to photograph. And a fine art photographer like Accra Shepp is concerned with the print. “I’m very much aware of the print being the final arbiter between the viewer and me.  And I take great pains to make sure the image is just want I want it to be,” Shepp said. For many years he didn’t work in color because he was not happy with the image he could achieve with a color C-print. “The Islands of New York”  is all in color. “There are some things that I can do digitally, and specifically on the GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk which is a beautiful paper,  that allow the prints to be seen as they ought to be seen.”  The scans are wet mounted scans at a high resolution so that each image is 250-500 MB each, large enough to make a 20×24 print. ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk photo paper gives Accra the color gamut that allows him to express his vision in the print.

We talked a bit about the weight and the permanence of ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk. When museums discuss acquiring prints for permanent collections they are very interested in the archival properties of the paper and inks. “When the Museum of Modern Art was acquiring [a piece of my] work they asked me for a great deal of information….I was very pleased to be able to tell them that I am using materials that are on the… archival end of the spectrum,” he said. “These are works that transcend my generation to the next generation and on after that.”

Take some time to enjoy there is information on both of the projects that we’ve discussed here as well as additional galleries of photos and information on other projects he has worked on the past. And enjoy all of the great information, videos, interviews, articles, and a link to the Wilhelm Imaging Research studies that show the permanence ratings of ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk at

Don’t your fine art and family photographs deserve the very best quality, largest color gamut, and longest permanence ratings possible? Step into your future now with ILFORD GALERIE Prestige fine art photo papers for photographers.

All images in this posting are copyright Accra Shepp and may not be used without the permission of the artist.