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ILFORD In Print and Online | Photoshop User, Photography SILO, Digital Photo, and Digital Technique

ILFORD inkjet photo paper is showing up in lots of places these days. The October issue of Photoshop User Magazine features the new ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Smooth papers. Reviewer Steve Baczewski rates both papers 4 out of 5, and applauds their wide dynamic range and rich blacks.  Steve explains that he printed a standard reference target containing a variety of subjects, landscapes, gray-scale ramp and color patches, and created custom ICC profiles for his testing.  Noting that the Smooth Pearl “has a soft white that works well with portraits and accurately reproduced a wide range of colors with plenty of detail,” Steve also raves that the Smooth Gloss “has a similar wide color gamut, with rich blacks and sharpness that give prints a nice dimensionality.”  Pick up your copy of Photoshop User Magazine to read more.

Online our friends as Photo Silo took a look at our ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl. (more…)