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Susanna Kraus and the IMAGOtour Walk-in Camera Featuring ILFORD

ILFORD direct positive fine art paper is the media for recording portraits in a unique Walk-in Camera. This behemoth of a camera was built by Werner Kraus together with his friend, the artist Erhard Hößle.  Susanna Kraus, like her father, is a visionary.  The original IMAGO1:1 was built in 1970 and is still in use. This is a camera like no other. The subject literally “walks in” to the camera where an image is recorded on direct exposure fine art portrait photo paper from ILFORD.


Susanna Krauss with the original IMAGO1:1 walk in camera

Susanna and her sons have resurrected the camera after it was archived for many years. ILFORD makes the special direct positive analogue paper. Her dream is to build a new travel version of the IMAGO1:1 so that she can travel the world making these unique life size portraits. Learn more about the project in the video below or click here:

They are raising money using a source just as unique as the camera and process itself.  The fundraising is being done through an online source called “Kickstarter.” The deadline for the Kickstarter funding is March 20, 2013. Take a few minutes and check out this unique project and maybe you will want to be part of this historic project. CLICK HERE to learn more!