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Photographer Sheryl Sinkow’s Exhibit Features ILFORD GALERIE Prints

Sheryl Sinkow is one of our Facebook friends at ILFORD Imaging. She let us know about an upcoming exhibit that will be opening at State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca, NY on July 5th and running through July 29, 2012.

On the left a photograph by Sheryl Sinkow’s father 37 years ago in China. On the right one of her photographs from China in 2011. ©2011 Sheryl Sinkow

©2011 Sheryl Sinkow

The exhibit is called “Bend Like the Willow” giving us a look at another side of China. Sheryl’s father visited China several times in the 1970’s and took many photographs of the people there.  Sheryl traveled to China last year in 2011 and captured her own photographs of the people and the culture.  Some of the photos in the show are digital prints made from scans of her father’s slides juxtaposed with her recent photos taken just last year. It’s a nearly 40 year span in China’s history that is a fascinating look at how things have changed and how they have not changed in that nearly half century.

Listen to Sheryl talking about this exhibit and why she prints on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk, ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl, and ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Fine Art.

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Sinkow Photography is Sheryl Sinkow’s business. Along with her studio business that includes weddings, portraits, commercial, and event photography she usually gives herself personal projects to work on. The trip to China and this show is the result of one of those personal projects.

Self Portrait ©2011 Sheryl Sinkow

Another of her projects that really captured my attention is her project called “Facing Breast Cancer in our Community.” As a breast cancer survivor herself, Sheryl used her unique understanding of the kinds of issues that many women deal with when enduring breast cancer treatment. Using a very beautiful mirror that belonged to her aunt, who also had breast cancer, she gave her portrait subjects the ultimate control of their image by photographing their reflection in the mirror.  These portraits are poignant, intimate, and reveal true emotion. Here is one example from the project, a self portrait of the artist using the mirror. Have a look at more portraits from this project on Sheryl’s website

If you have an opportunity to get to Ithaca, NY July 5-29, 2012 stop into State of the Art Gallery in downtown Ithaca to see Sheryl’s newest show called “Bend Like the Willow” featuring her personal project shot in China last year. The opening will be on July 6, 2012. See details below. Photographer Sheryl Sinkow’s exhibit features ILFORD GALERIE prints. Be sure to visit for more information on Sheryl Sinkow’s photography. I know you’ll enjoy her work as much as we have.

Sheryl Sinkow Exhibit Featuring ILFORD GALERIE Inkjet Photo Paper

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ILFORD CEO Paul Willems on Inkjet Technology Development

Paul Willems took over as CEO of ILFORD Imaging in July 2011. In the short video below he talks about the innovation that continues to make ILFORD unique in the industry. “If you look at … the photo industry there is tremendous innovation,” says Willems. “We are not a run of the mill media manufacturer… we are actually building the combination of paper and film bases with optimized coating technology.”

ILFORD Imaging offers a wide variety of surfaces, weights, and textures of media including two double sided inkjet papers.  All of the media in the ILFORD GALERIE line is developed specifically with photographers in mind.  Have a look at this short video to hear more.

Keep reading the ILFORD blog and be sure to “Like” ILFORD Imaging on Facebook and follow @ilfordimaging on Twitter for all the latest information from ILFORD. If you are a photographer you owe it to your images to try ILFORD GALERIE inkjet media for your images.  Step up from the ordinary. Your images and your clients deserve the very best. Learn more at

Live from WPPI: Joshua Fischer on Ilford Inkjet Paper

Our friend Mike Zawadzki from Unique Photo stopped by booth 621 at WPPI to talk with Josh Fischer at ILFORD. Josh points to ILFORD’s longevity in the industry and moving from the darkroom to the “light” room!

One more day at WPPI for ILFORD. Stop in and see us if you’re in Las Vegas. We have some sample packs of paper for you. All you have to do is stop by and see us. And be sure to enter our “Follow ILFORD and Win!” giveaway. CLICK HERE for all the details!

Step up from the ordinary. Try ILFORD GALERIE inkjet papers for photographers.

ILFORD Imaging Day 1 @ WPPI 2012 Las Vegas

We had a great first day at WPPI 2012 in Las Vegas!  Lots of folks stopped by to talk with us about ILFORD GALERIE inkjet papers. We handed out lots of sample packs of three of our most popular papers in the ILFORD GALERIE line, Gold Fibre Silk, Smooth Pearl, and Smooth Gloss.  We printed photographs on the Canon PIXMA PRO-1.  Those who stopped by enjoyed seeing the larger prints on various surfaces of paper.

Remember we have our “Follow ILFORD and WIN!” giveaway in progress. You can enter by visiting us at the booth at WPPI or if you’re not attending you have two ways to enter using either Twitter or Facebook. CLICK HERE for details!

And remember to visit Sony at booth 421 where photographers are doing live shoots and you can see their work printed on ILFORD GALERIE inkjet papers!

We’ve posted a short video below just to give you a flavor of what the booth looks like and tomorrow we’ll have more for you! If you’re at the show come on by and say hello. Step up from the ordinary with ILFORD GALERIE inkjet papers for photographers.

ILFORD Imaging’s Marion Meissner Discusses Inkjet Technology

ILFORD at Vision11 LondonWe had an opportunity to talk recently with Marion Meissner, Leader of Print and Test Services at ILFORD Imaging in Switzerland. Marion was just back from speaking at Vision 11 in London. In its 13th year, Vision is a London based photo festival billed as the place “where art and technology meet.”  Marion spoke there giving a presentation that included the topics “How to get a good image with inkjet printers” and “How to display and keep a good image.”

I learned a lot from Marion in our short conversation and reviewing the materials from her presentation. She spoke about the need for accurate input profiles for any device we use to capture or produce an image. And of course we all know that we need to have accurate profiles for both our monitors and printers in order to get beautiful images from an inkjet printer. Marion’s presentation also touched on the phenomenon of metamerism, color appearing differently under different types of light. And of course she spoke about current technologies in inkjet inks both dye and pigment.

Marion took time to talk with us on the phone from Switzerland.  You can hear a short clip of our conversation here:

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Most current inkjet printers used in the photographic industry are pigment based ink sets. While dye ink sets produce a slightly larger color gamut, pigment inks produce high quality results with greatly enhanced print permanence.

ILFORD Imaging Dye and Pigment Technologies

In this illustration it’s easy to see that dye inks absorb into the receiving layer on the paper base while pigment inks remain on the surface of the media. Pigment inks are more archival but the trade off is some loss in color gamut (colors that can be reproduced). Dye inks have advanced in their stability and permanence over time and pigment inks have improved as well closing the gap with gamut reproduction so that most professional quality inkjet printers for photographers are pigment based.

Getting a good print from either of these two technologies is highly dependent on the inkjet media that is used to make the print.  ILFORD GALERIE media are designed with the most up to date paper coating technology. ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss inkjet papers are ideal for both dye and pigment inks. While bronzing is an issue using pigment inks on glossy surfaces, ILFORD Smooth Gloss is recommended for use with pigment inks greatly reducing the need for gloss optimizers that reduce differential gloss.

ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss inkjet media are “universal” media that equally support dye and pigment inks.  This can be a real plus for students and others who routinely use both types of priners.

We plan to feature many more discussions with Marion and others from our research and manufacturing facility in Marly, Switzerland.  This is just a start. We’re very interested in your questions and comments about inkjet media technology. Please be sure to leave a comment here if you have a suggestion for topics you would like to see us feature here.

ILFORD GALERIE Inkjet MediaStep up from the ordinary.  Give your photographs the inkjet media they deserve.  Use ILFORD GALERIE inkjet media for your images.

If you’re already a user we want to hear from you!  Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite surface is from the ILFORD GALERIE line!

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