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ILFORD’s New Family of Fine Art Inkjet Photo Paper

The introduction of ILFORD GALERIE Prestige and ILFORD GALERIE Premium inkjet photo papers for photographers is and exciting development for everyone who enjoys seeing a fine photograph in a real life print that you can see and feel and even smell, in the case of Gold Fibre Silk’s baryta base! Here’s an overview to help with understanding exactly what has changed and what hasn’t changed.


Prestige is a 5 star fine art paper line that rivals any media available for fine art photographic printing. The well known ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk is still the Rolls Royce of the Prestige line. Nothing at all has changed for this paper except it’s now in the way cool black boxes.  This is the same 310 gsm baryta base that you’ve come to know and love. Rumors of it’s demise were very premature.  It’s here, it’s the same, so just keep on with this great paper.   The Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss surfaces continue in the GALERIE Prestige line but with some added weight. Both of these papers were previously 290 gsm weight. In the Prestige line these two great surfaces are increased to 310 gsm weight giving them extra body and a rich feel that fine art printers are sure to love. This increase gives your fine art and production prints the look and feel they deserve whether it’s a family portrait that will be handed down for generations or a curatable print that you’re selling to a gallery or museum. The next new paper in the Prestige line is not a paper at all. It’s a film based media called GALERIE Prestige Smooth High Gloss. Remember ILFOCHROME or even Cibachrome?  That’s the look you’ll get with this metallic-like surface that provides a wide color gamut and a super high gloss surface. There are more fine art surfaces available in rolls so check them out at


The new GALERIE family papers also include two surfaces in a Premium 4 1/2 star paper. There are two surfaces, Glossy and Lustre, available in these 270 gsm papers ideal for proofing, for students, or for anyone who wants a high quality photo paper at an economy price. Have a listen to ILFORD product manager Joshua Fischer go over Prestige and Premium in this new video.