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Myer Bornstein and ILFORD GALERIE Prestige

MBornsteinWe recently became acquainted with Myer Bornstein of Photo Bee 1 blog when he reviewed ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers recently. Myer has been involved in photography for many years and studied photography at the New York Institute of Photography. He is now retired and photographs the natural beauty of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island and other locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. He also publishes a blog about nature and natural history that includes book and equipment reviews.

Myer was kind enough to give us an interview to help us learn more about this photographer and nature enthusiast.

PrestigeSmoothPearlILFORD blog: Tell us how you feel about photographs printed on paper vs. viewing images by electronic means like computer monitors and tablets.

Myer Bornstein:   I like to have photographic prints because they can be displayed on walls to help decorate a room or displayed in a gallery.  I also like utilizing prints for teaching purposes. As a volunteer at a local Audubon sanctuary, Allens Pond in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, I use prints to illustrate wildlife that can be found at the sanctuary.  I use my iPad and I have prints in a portfolio as well.

Ib: How long have you been photographing?

MB: I have been photographing since I was a teenager. Thirty years ago I was very active and photographing and exhibiting at wildlife fairs.  Then I took time off to get a Master’s degree and have restarted active photography in the last five years.

Ib: How long have you been making your own prints?

MB: Back in my film days, I made my own black and white prints and had my own darkroom. And I developed my own Ektachrome slides. For my color photos, I utilized a professional lab in Colorado.

Ib: What advice would you give people who do not print their work about why photo prints are still important?

MB: Prints are important, they can be given as gifts, they represent people’s memories, prints can hang on your own wall. Prints allow the photographer to produce their vision with an accurate rendition of luminance, contrast, and color.

Many thanks to Myer for taking the time to talk with us and for his review of ILFORD GALERIE Prestige photo papers for digital photographs.

Myer Bornstein is an award winning photographer  who took 1st Place in the South Shore Massachusetts Daniel Webster Photo Contest, Best of Show in the Friends of the National Wildlife Refuges of Rhode Island 2011 Photo Contest, and was one of the twenty-four finalists in the 2011 Massachusetts Audubon Photo Contest. He received awards from International Nature Photography contest in 2011, “Chasing the Light” Juried competition, and Pro-Am tournament conducted by The Images for Conservation Fund in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. He has also been published both online and in nature magazines and books.

Print ICCMyer also teaches photography classes and workshops on using Lightroom 4 and 5. He also is a volunteer naturalist and photographer for Allen Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Visit Myer Bornstein’s website, blog and more using the links below:

To read the entire posting by Myer Bornstein at Photo Bee 1 on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers CLICK HERE.

We are grateful to Myer for reviewing and using ILFORD GALERIE Prestige inkjet photo papers for photographers. Learn more about all the great papers available for digital prints at




Tim Grey on The Importance of Paper Attributes

TimGrey Noted color expert Tim Grey regularly posts interesting and informative articles on his popular Tim Grey’s Blog. One very interesting article begins the discussion of the importance of paper attributes when considering what paper to choose for a particular image.

“One of the first things I look at when evaluating a paper is the surface texture and color,” says Tim. “Texture can really make a huge difference. I like something that is more organic, and that doesn’t even remotely resemble a repetitive pattern.” Tim goes on to discuss paper color and talk specifically about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton Textured.

IlfordPrintSamplesTake some time and go on over and check out this article The Importance of Paper Attributes and check out more articles on his blog. You’ll be glad you did!

Learn more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige inkjet photo papers at

Focus on Nature Photo Contest

OutdoorContestOutdoor Photographer and ILFORD have teamed up to bring you an exciting NEW Focus on Nature Photo Contest for entries from the US. Please be sure to read the contest rules carefully.

This Focus On Nature contest is your opportunity to show us your best images of the subjects that inspire you and move you to share with others. Your photographs will become part of our contest gallery and compete for the contest prizes. Our readers and judges are eager to see your work. (more…)

Portrait Photographer of the Year Finland and Gold Fibre Silk

Antti Karppinen

Self Portrait
©2013 Antti Karppinen

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk figured prominently in this year’s competition for Portrait Photographer of the Year in Finland. Winner Antti Karppinen prepared his entry photographs on Gold Fibre Silk for the competition. “For this competition I decided to use Ilford Prestige Gold Fibre Silk paper,” says Karppinen. “I really loved the quality of the paper, the texture and the overall feeling in the colors the paper produces.”

Antti Karppinen has been taking pictures for a decade and working professionally as a photographer for about 6 years. With a strong background in retouching he has found his own unique style of photography. “I see the photos [finished] in my head before the shoot,” he says, “and I try to find the right means to [capture] my own vision.” (more…)

New Webinar from ILFORD | Creating, Editing and Printing Black and White Fine Art Prints

Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 12.23.36 PM

Printing black and white fine art prints has long been recognized as an art form. Silver gelatin black and white prints have been recognized as the ultimate printed form of photography known for the wide tonal range, beautiful paper surfaces, and permanence ratings. Since the advent of digital photography inkjet papers and inks have evolved dramatically causing collectors, galleries, and museums to recognize that digital prints now rival and surpass silver gelatin prints. Now your desktop becomes the black and white darkroom that no longer requires an enlarger, orange safe light, and trays filled with chemicals.

ig_b_w_01_a4-25_h12_h100_MainWith the introduction of the latest fine art inkjet papers and in particular, ILFORD’s new Gold Mono Silk Paper, black & white printing on today’s inkjet printers has taken a great leap in quality. To get the best results from these prints, you need to understand the tools available for converting full color captures into gray-scale images, understand how to adjust tonal distribution in an image and decide which type of paper will do the best job in conveying both the dynamic qualities of the photograph and the intended mood.

Join host Joe Brady in this free webinar sponsored by ILFORD as the workflow and techniques from capture to edit to print are discussed and explored. If you are a fan of black and white images or interested in getting started, this presentation will be time well spent.

This will be a live streaming webinar. CLICK HERE to bookmark the page where the webinar will be broadcast and learn how you can be sure you know about all the great educational opportunities available from ILFORD.

Find out more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige inkjet papers at

Genesis Exhibition to Feature ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk

GenesisOn April 11th ILFORD Master Sebastiao Salgado‘s much anticipated Genesis exhibition will open its doors at the Natural History Museum in London featuring 200 stunning black and white images printed on ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk.  Genesis is Salgado’s third and perhaps last great photographic project. The exhibition is the culmination of a photographic journey of an epic scale which began in 2004 traveling to over 40 countries and culminating in this body of work 8 years later at the end of 2011. The results show a series of pictures about what is still pristine on the planet and Salgado’s hope is “to do a kind of new presentation of the planet, in order to identify it and see it differently. With these pictures we are trying to see if we could understand the planet and respect it in a new way.”

Genesis will be in London from 11 April to 8 September 2013. For tickets, prices and details please visit the Natural History Museum website. Click here for a full list of GENESIS Exhibition Venue information.

A 2 volume book titled Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis is coming soon. Click here for availability and more information. Check out Sebastian Salgado’s two other major photographic projects. “Sebastião Salgado: Workers: An Archaeology of the Industrial Age” is available as a hardcover book in addition to “Sebastiao Salgado: Migrations” both published in 2005.

ig-prestige-gpgfs13-a4_a12_h100_MainFive sets of the prints for Genesis have been printed and will be touring the world in coming months and years. “In order to choose a paper we made a lot of tests with many different types of paper,” said Salgado.  “We loved this one, but we did try lots of different types. Then for the Genesis show we decided to be much stricter in our choice as we wanted to use a paper that would give us only the best… [W]e came back to … ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk. It’s a really beautiful paper. A nice, nice paper and we are very happy with it.” Read the entire interview with Salgado and why he selected ILFORD paper for this historic exhibition click here.

Learn more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers at Find out why Gold Fibre Silk is the choice of ILFORD Masters like Sebastiao Salgado.

ILFORD and Hunt’s Photo and Video offer Free Webinar

Join ILFORD and Hunt’s Photo and Video for this free webinar on Friday, March 29, 2013 at 1pm EDT.
Click the “Join Us Live” button and see instructions for registering and bookmarking the page to return for the webinar. We hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 8.29.42 PM

Friday, March 29th at 1pm EDT

What are the aspects and qualities that make for a Gallery-Quality Fine Art Print? This Live Video Webinar will give you the answers. Exacting color, smooth tonal transitions, a well-balanced contrast range and the best paper choice for the image all come together to make a print worthy of hanging in any venue or location. Join us for this free live video webinar sponsored by Ilford and see what it takes to make prints that qualify as “Gallery Quality”.

Color workflow, soft-proofing and what fine edits to make will all go a long way towards making your results both accurate and repeatable. In this presentation, we’ll explore the process, tools and techniques from edit to output that allow you to produce a print both you and your customers will be proud of.

Start Times: 1 PM Eastern, 12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific
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Master Class with Gregory Heisler in NYC February 2013

Greg_HeislerRegister now and enjoy a rare opportunity to attend a Master Class with celebrated portrait photographer Gregory Heisler. As part of the launch of ILFORD’s new GALERIE Prestige Fine Art series photo papers for photographers, ILFORD is bringing you a unique opportunity to attend this Master Class in the heart of New York City from 1:00pm – 3:00pm on Thursday, February 21, 2013. In an intimate group, limited to 25 people, Greg will discuss his approach and philosophy for commercial and editorial photography. You’ll hear stories about his images, reflections on his creative process, and methods he uses to produce is iconic images.


Secure your seat in this special Master Class with Gregory Heisler today. Only 25 seats available.

Attending this Master Class with Gregory Heisler also gives you a preview of his one day show of over 40 portrait images from his forthcoming book “Gregory Heisler: 50 Portraits” printed by Gotham Imaging on one of the new ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Fine Art photo papers.  This special one day only gallery showing is a singular opportunity to view the images hung in a NYC studio without frame or glass, allowing you a unique and intimate view of both the image and the paper. In addition to the early preview of the gallery event you will also be encouraged to attend the “invitation only” evening event.

From his vibrant color portraits to his broad tonal range black and white, Gregory Heisler knows how to capture personality and evoke emotion in the viewer. This is a rare opportunity to spend time with a master photographer and hear the stories behind the photographs. I often find that getting to know an artist or author informs the way I view their work, it increases my understanding of the images and ideas they produce. Photographers will also gain useful insight into how Greg crafts and captures the subject giving you both  information and inspiration.

We are giving away two seats to this amazing Master Class. Just fill in the form below to enter your name in a drawing for one of these two seats. If you register for the class and win the drawing your registration price will be refunded. You have to register to secure your seat.

Join us in NYC on Thursday February 21 for this intimate Master Class with ILFORD Master Gregory Heisler. Register today!

Find out the winners of the drawing @ilfordimaging on Twitter and on Facebook at ILFORD Imaging on Friday, February 15! Follow us there for all the latest from ILFORD everyday. Learn more about ILFORD GALERIE Prestige photo papers at




Resource Magazine Features ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Paper

The latest print edition of Resource Magazine includes a feature called “Best Computer Goodies of 2012.”  ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers are featured alongside all kinds of computer accessories including monitors, digital media, projectors, printer, X-Rite color management solutions, and more.

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre SilkResource Magazine says ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers are… “Our inkjet paper of choice when it comes to reproducing the look and feel of traditional photographic prints.”

Visit Resource Magazine’s website at to learn more about this great resource or pick up a copy on your photographic news stand today.

Find out why ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers are preferred by photographers all over the world.  And learn about all the surfaces, weights, and paper bases available for all your digital photographic needs by visiting

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Paul McAlister on ILFORD GALERIE Quality

Paul McAlister is an interesting guy. He’s an Irishman who currently lives in Ontario, Canada.   He’s a second career photographer who shoots a wide variety of commercial work from portraiture to fine art reproduction. And like a lot of photographers I know, he enjoys landscape photography most of all.

One of Paul’s images was chosen in the August Website Photo Competition as Highly Recommended.  He wrote to us to say how much he enjoys quality of ILFORD GALERIE inkjet papers and we caught up with him recently by phone to learn more about his photography and why he prefers ILFORD inkjet media for his digital photo prints.  Enjoy the audio from the interview below.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.