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ILFORD Innovation CEO Paul Willems with Vincent Oliver of photo-i

Paul Willems, CEO of ILFORD

ILFORD has been an innovator since 1879 in the earliest days of the photo industry.  Vincent Oliver of photo-i interviews Paul Willems, CEO of ILFORD in Marly, Switzerland. This video gives you and overview of how ILFORD keeps at the top of it’s game with a commitment to research and development and staying close to customers, responding to the needs of those who print their own photographs.

Oliver asks Willems what makes ILFORD special for the photographer.  “Well obviously ILFORD has always been associated with quality,” said Willems. “Anybody who is an ILFORD user expects to get that best quality ‘out of the box’ product. But also [they are] expecting ease of use.  Through our imaging science and coating technology … our media is totally compatible…. And last but not least permanence of the image… Our key products like our Gold Fibre Silk or Smooth …. products have been awarded by the Wilhelm Institute with a light permanence of over 200 years which clearly shows the tremendous quality.” Willems goes on to talk about the reality that inkjet printing can now equal or surpass analog prints. (more…)