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FREE ILFORD Webinar | Choosing a Photo Paper Surface

Join us on Thursday, December 6, 2012 for a FREE ILFORD Webinar called “Choosing a Paper Surface for Your Inkjet Prints.”

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers provide surfaces from the classic silky texture and warm tone of Gold Fibre Silk to the film based super high gloss surface of Smooth High Gloss that is reminiscent of Cibachrome and Ilfochrome prints of days gone by. (more…)

ILFORD GALERIE Rebate USA 25% On All Paper Until December 31, 2012

When you purchase ILFORD GALERIE inkjet paper products in the USA between November 26, 2012 and December 31, 2012 you may be eligible for a 25% mail in rebate. Take advantage of this amazing holiday purchase promotion to save big money on the entire line of  ILFORD GALERIE Prestige or Premium inkjet papers. Just purchase your ILFORD GALERIE inkjet paper at your photo dealer, download the rebate certificate, and follow the directions to claim your rebate. (more…)

ILFORD and Image Permanence

How long a photo will last is a constant topic of consideration. This obsession with image permanence is born, not in small part, from photography’s relative youth as a method of preserving glimpses into human history. Whether the photograph is of our grandmother in a family album, photo of a soldier gone off to war,  or a street scene shot from the camera of one of the founders of photography, we are fascinated by the frozen split seconds that are captured in a photograph. They literally allow us to time travel back in time to see how a place or a person appeared in a time very long ago.

One very important international body concerned with the permanence of all sorts of media is the Image Permanence Institute, a part of Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Imaging Technology. (more…)

September ILFORD Website Competition Winner

ILFORD Website Competition Winner SeptemberThe winner has been chosen for September in the ILFORD Monthly Flickr Competition.  Swiss photographer Robert Beer gives us a paradoxical image that makes us want to look more closely at the photo. Visit Robert Beer’s Flickr page to see more of his photography. Look for an interview with him later this month.

The “highly commended” images include this one by Victoria Hillman of UK.  This amazing super sharp portrait dissolves into abstract greens that hold your eye and let us admire the beauty of the tiniest creatures.  Victoria enjoys photographing more than just insects.  Visit her website CLICK HERE for other galleries of photos. (more…)