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NEW Video! Download and Use ICC Profiles for ILFORD Inkjet Papers


Josh Fischer ILFORD Product ManagerJosh Fischer explains in step by step detail how to download and install ICC profiles from   These profiles are specific to the paper, printer, and inks that you are using. There are many profiles available for a variety of printer and paper combinations.  To get the very best from your ILFORD GALERIE inkjet paper it’s important to use the correct profile. Click on the viewer below to  see this new video!

We’ll soon have another tutorial for using the profiles.  But for now remember that when you select a printer profile in Photoshop or Lightroom you’ll need to make sure THREE things are set properly in your print driver before printing:

  1. Set the media type – the print driver will be defaulted to the last used media type. Make sure the media type is set properly for the paper you’re using.
  2. Set the resolution – you’ll find recommendations at or click on “Printer Driver Settings” at the top of the page here on the blog.
  3. Turn color management OFF in the printer driver – when you use a profile you need to disable color management in the driver to avoid “double color managing” which will not give you a good result.

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