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Focus on Nature Photo Contest

OutdoorContestOutdoor Photographer and ILFORD have teamed up to bring you an exciting NEW Focus on Nature Photo Contest for entries from the US. Please be sure to read the contest rules carefully.

This Focus On Nature contest is your opportunity to show us your best images of the subjects that inspire you and move you to share with others. Your photographs will become part of our contest gallery and compete for the contest prizes. Our readers and judges are eager to see your work. (more…)

Interview with ILFORD Monthly Website Photo Competition Winner Donna Martin

DonnaMartinILFORDThe ILFOMEM portraitRD website is more beautiful than ever in May with the ILFORD monthly website photo competition winner Donna Martin’s beautiful image of a puffin featured. We caught up with Donna after a recent trip to Utah to find out more about her and her photography. She was also good enough to share more of her beautiful images with us including the one that won this month’s contest.

polar bear walking on Hudson Bay ice

©2013 Donna Martin

ILFORD Blog:  Tell us all about this month’s winning photo! (more…)