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ILFORD Guide to Handling Inkjet Prints

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 11.17.24 AMHandling inkjet prints after they come out of the printer is important to the life of the image on paper. As we know, pigment inks come out of the printer dry to the touch. And an additional time period is needed for the image to be completely stable. Evaporation of water and and solvents is sometimes referred to as “out gassing.”  It’s important to give a print some time to “breathe” before framing so that this “out gassing” process is complete. Generally allowing the print to cure in a warm, dry room for 24 hours before framing is adequate.

After this curing process we want to make sure that we are handling prints properly to ensure their longevity. A Practical Guide to Handling Inkjet Prints for Optimum Results located under the Support tab at provides some practical advice on storing and displaying your prints for best results. (more…)

ILFORD Monthly Photo Competition Winner | Kai Joachim Kokott


Featured on the website this month is photographer Kai Joachim Kokott, the winner in our ILFORD Monthly Photo Competition. His captivating photo opened the door to getting to know this innovative photographer from Germany.


Self Portrait
© 2013 Kai Joachim Kokott

Kai was kind enough to answer some questions for us so that we can introduce you to him and his work properly. One look at the photo he sent of himself let’s you know this is no ordinary photographer! With his business partner, Mirko Majchrzak, they collaborate to create amazing photos using various techniques including “light painting” and various other innovative techniques at FotoDesign-Kiel. Check out their website at and find them on Facebook at

ILFORD Blog: What got you interested in photography? (more…)

Resource Magazine Features ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Paper

The latest print edition of Resource Magazine includes a feature called “Best Computer Goodies of 2012.”  ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers are featured alongside all kinds of computer accessories including monitors, digital media, projectors, printer, X-Rite color management solutions, and more.

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre SilkResource Magazine says ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers are… “Our inkjet paper of choice when it comes to reproducing the look and feel of traditional photographic prints.”

Visit Resource Magazine’s website at to learn more about this great resource or pick up a copy on your photographic news stand today.

Find out why ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers are preferred by photographers all over the world.  And learn about all the surfaces, weights, and paper bases available for all your digital photographic needs by visiting

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FREE ILFORD Webinar | Choosing a Photo Paper Surface

Join us on Thursday, December 6, 2012 for a FREE ILFORD Webinar called “Choosing a Paper Surface for Your Inkjet Prints.”

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige papers provide surfaces from the classic silky texture and warm tone of Gold Fibre Silk to the film based super high gloss surface of Smooth High Gloss that is reminiscent of Cibachrome and Ilfochrome prints of days gone by. (more…)

ILFORD and Image Permanence

How long a photo will last is a constant topic of consideration. This obsession with image permanence is born, not in small part, from photography’s relative youth as a method of preserving glimpses into human history. Whether the photograph is of our grandmother in a family album, photo of a soldier gone off to war,  or a street scene shot from the camera of one of the founders of photography, we are fascinated by the frozen split seconds that are captured in a photograph. They literally allow us to time travel back in time to see how a place or a person appeared in a time very long ago.

One very important international body concerned with the permanence of all sorts of media is the Image Permanence Institute, a part of Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Imaging Technology. (more…)

September ILFORD Website Competition Winner

ILFORD Website Competition Winner SeptemberThe winner has been chosen for September in the ILFORD Monthly Flickr Competition.  Swiss photographer Robert Beer gives us a paradoxical image that makes us want to look more closely at the photo. Visit Robert Beer’s Flickr page to see more of his photography. Look for an interview with him later this month.

The “highly commended” images include this one by Victoria Hillman of UK.  This amazing super sharp portrait dissolves into abstract greens that hold your eye and let us admire the beauty of the tiniest creatures.  Victoria enjoys photographing more than just insects.  Visit her website CLICK HERE for other galleries of photos. (more…)

ILFORD GALERIE Photo Paper for Back to School

It’s that time again when the leaves begin to turn and there’s a little fall breeze in the air here in the northeast United States. This is the time when students go back to school and this year they’re taking ILFORD GALERIE photo papers back with them.

Lawrence Atienza of Photography SILO just published his list called “Five Tools for Fall for you Student Photogs.” Number one on his list is ILFORD GALERIE Premium papers. Here’s what he has to say about these affordable high quality photo papers, ” This line of inkjet photo papers offers ardent amateurs and photography students an array of inkjet papers. Perfect for printing an A+ shot, the PREMIUM line combines ILFORD’s well-known high quality printing results with an affordable price tag that makes fine art prints  attainable for student printing projects.” (more…)

ILFORD CEO Paul Willems on Inkjet Technology Development

Paul Willems took over as CEO of ILFORD Imaging in July 2011. In the short video below he talks about the innovation that continues to make ILFORD unique in the industry. “If you look at … the photo industry there is tremendous innovation,” says Willems. “We are not a run of the mill media manufacturer… we are actually building the combination of paper and film bases with optimized coating technology.”

ILFORD Imaging offers a wide variety of surfaces, weights, and textures of media including two double sided inkjet papers.  All of the media in the ILFORD GALERIE line is developed specifically with photographers in mind.  Have a look at this short video to hear more.

Keep reading the ILFORD blog and be sure to “Like” ILFORD Imaging on Facebook and follow @ilfordimaging on Twitter for all the latest information from ILFORD. If you are a photographer you owe it to your images to try ILFORD GALERIE inkjet media for your images.  Step up from the ordinary. Your images and your clients deserve the very best. Learn more at

Nicola Tonolini Featured on NEW ILFORD Website

Italian Photographer Nicola Tonolini on Photo PaperPhotographer Nicola Tonolini is the winner of the very first Monthly Website Competition on Flickr.  ILFORD is proud to feature the winning photograph on its NEW website at Nicola Tonolini’s beautiful photograph is featured as one of the banner ads on the new website. An Italy based photographer, he specializes in wedding and portrait subject matter. We hope you will enjoy his amazing photo galleries on his website Boutique Dell’Immagine conveniently presented in three languages!

Nicola’s image called “Maasai Children” is beautiful, joyous, and haunting at the same time.  The dark, ominous clouds seem to create a dissonance with the joyous faces of the children.  We wanted to know more about Nicola, this photograph, and his photography in general.

ILFORD Blog: Tell us about the image that won the competition and the series on your website.  How did you come to capture these images. There must be a very interesting story there!

Nicola Tonolini: The image “Maasai Children”, that won the competition, and the others in this series that can be viewed on my website (, were taken in Southern Kenya. Every year I hold a photographic workshop for a limited number of people in a Maasai reserve, Kuku Ranch Group, on the Chyulu Hills. The workshop is organised by the Campi ya Kanzi lodge and a part of the income received from my clients goes directly to the Maasai community through the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. The images in this series were taken using a single soft-bank light (at the next workshop I will take 3!!!!) and under-exposing the sky by at least 2 light stops. Pastel colours are then obtained by working on layers in photoshop. It is pure portraiture and the Maasai are posing.  Suggesting this type of shot was risky as regards my clients because they know me as a photo-journalist and that I generally prefer reporting, but after having seen the first shots they understood that it concerned something special and they were enthusiastic!!!!  The unusual and strange thing was having to stroll around the savannah with a soft-bank light!!! You can just imagine the faces of the Maasai.

IB: When did you become interested in photography?

NT: I was 13 years old when I first picked up my father’s Contax, I went to a friend who was a photography enthusiast and asked him to teach me. Since then I have always carried a camera with me.

IB: How did you come to specialize in wedding and portrait photography?

NT: In 2004 Ken Damy (my teacher from 1998 to 2000) introduced me to the photographer Luciano Monti because I wanted to buy some prints of his photographs taken in the United States. In his studio I saw photographs of weddings taken using photo-journalism techniques. I was impressed and very touched.  From that time on I decided that wedding photo-journalism would be what I would do.  I think I have the best job in the world.  It is extremely gratifying to see the bridal couple become emotional when they see the photographs I have taken.  For me portraiture has now become secondary, still wonderful and stimulating, but not as exciting as reporting.

IB: What is it that makes ILFORD inkjet papers attractive to you? Why do you like them?  I understand you use both Gold Fibre Silk and Smooth Pearl.

NT: After buying an Epson Stylus Pro 4880 printer I started trying out fine-art paper made by various companies. I hoped to find something that echoed the old baryta paper I used to use in the darkroom. When I saw the first print of a photograph on ILFORD Galerie Gold Fibre Silk I was stunned! I thought: “that’s my paper!” Incredible details and an unbeatable depth of black! In my opinion it is the best barium-sulphate paper available at the moment.   I now use it also for weddings.  Another paper I use often in my work as a wedding photographer is the ILFORD Galerie Smooth Pearl. It has an excellent quality-price ratio, uniform shades of colours, good details and it is particularly resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

IB: What is the most important thing about your art?  What is the thing that you want people to get from your photographs?

NT: Feelings!  If you lose your enthusiasm and the ability to feel, even with small things, then it is all over! I love my work and my clients know that it is not possible to achieve certain shots unless you are touched by what surrounds you.  Curiosity!  This is surely the second essential thing.  I think that anyone in any job, becomes an artist if he is excited by what he does and if he sees the world through the curious eyes of a child.

Nicola we thank you and all those who entered photos in March for the competition.  Please enjoy all the entries on the competition group site on Flickr. Click here to go there, join the group, and enter your own photos in this month’s contest. Who knows?  We may be calling YOU next month if your photo is featured on the new as the winner!

Be sure to visit and explore the NEW It’s beautifully redesigned with lots of information that you will both enjoy and use. Step up from the Ordinary with ILFORD GALERIE photo papers for photographers.



ILFORD Photo Competition | Your Image Could be Featured!

© 2012 Giovanni Giannandrea "Green & Gold" Runner-up in March Competition

Would you like to see your image on ILFORD’s new website soon to be debuted?  Here’s your chance! Entry is now open for the second monthly website competition.

CLICK HERE to go to the ILFORD Imaging Monthly Website Competition group on Flickr.

ILFORD Photo Paper Competition

© 2012 Gary Heller "The Steampunk" (self portrait) Runner-up in March Competition


Here’s all you do:

  1. Join the group.
  2. Agree to the rules of the competition
  3. Post up to 3 images of your images into the group pool for a chance to see your image published on the brand new

You have until the 30th of April 2012 to be entered into this month’s competition! A winner will be chosen by the ILFORD team of imaging experts.

This month’s competition is already underway and the photos are JUST spectacular! Check out the images already in the Group Pool  for this month! ILFORD Imaging Group Pool on Flickr!

Stay tuned for an indepth interview with the March winner Nicola Tonolini. In the meantime be SURE to get your entries in and enjoy the images that have already been entered this month.

Get in on the fun at ILFORD Imaging Monthly Website Competition. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the NEXT winner!