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ILFORD Hints and Tips | Using a Paper Profile

atlas_313x213One of the most often asked questions I get is how to set the printer driver for printing using a paper profile.  Here’s the way it works:

  1. Let Photoshop or Lightroom manage colors. If you let the printer manage colors there’s no way to control what paper profile your printer is using. To choose what profile you want to use choose this setting.
  2. Select the printer profile you want to use! Be sure the profile you’re using is the correct option for the paper, printer, and ink combination you’re using. (more…)

Turning Prints Into Revenue | Sell Wallspace

There are lots of great articles archived here on the ILFORD blog just waiting for you to discover them. Find them all on the “Articles” tab above! Here’s an excerpt from just one of them helping you turn prints into revenue.

Sell Wall SpaceSell wallspace

So how do you give yourself the best chance of making money from your prints in a fiercely competitive market? Firstly, think about your attitude when you’re talking to potential customers. Resist the urge to tell customers about the quality of the photographic tools you use. Materials including paper, while very important, are of the least concern to your client. Instead, adopt the approach of selling a carefully-crafted visual memory that lives in their home on their wall. Sell framed “moments” to your customers and they will not only come back for more, their friends and family will call you get the same experience. (more…)

Educator Chris Orwig on the Value of Photo Education and the Importance of the Print

Chris Orwig is a photographer with the heart of an educator.  His favorite thing is being able to teach and learn from his students at Brooks Institute.  “I will always be a student,” Chris says.  He values his students who push him in his own Chris Orwig, Brooks Institute, X-Rite, ILFORDphotography.  He’s always learning and growing and pushing his students to do do the same. He loves talking about Brooks and talking about his students.  Chris says that photo school gives photographers “a space to make a mistake without losing your job… You can take risks but if you take these risks  with a commercial client you’re not getting another [chance]. Everyone knows that the photo community is pretty small.” Chris took time out to talk with us recently.  Take a listen to the short audio clip (more…)

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