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New Webinar from ILFORD | Creating, Editing and Printing Black and White Fine Art Prints

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Printing black and white fine art prints has long been recognized as an art form. Silver gelatin black and white prints have been recognized as the ultimate printed form of photography known for the wide tonal range, beautiful paper surfaces, and permanence ratings. Since the advent of digital photography inkjet papers and inks have evolved dramatically causing collectors, galleries, and museums to recognize that digital prints now rival and surpass silver gelatin prints. Now your desktop becomes the black and white darkroom that no longer requires an enlarger, orange safe light, and trays filled with chemicals.

ig_b_w_01_a4-25_h12_h100_MainWith the introduction of the latest fine art inkjet papers and in particular, ILFORD’s new Gold Mono Silk Paper, black & white printing on today’s inkjet printers has taken a great leap in quality. To get the best results from these prints, you need to understand the tools available for converting full color captures into gray-scale images, understand how to adjust tonal distribution in an image and decide which type of paper will do the best job in conveying both the dynamic qualities of the photograph and the intended mood.

Join host Joe Brady in this free webinar sponsored by ILFORD as the workflow and techniques from capture to edit to print are discussed and explored. If you are a fan of black and white images or interested in getting started, this presentation will be time well spent.

This will be a live streaming webinar. CLICK HERE to bookmark the page where the webinar will be broadcast and learn how you can be sure you know about all the great educational opportunities available from ILFORD.

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