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So how do you give yourself the best chance of making money from your prints in a fiercely competitive market? Firstly, think about your attitude when you’re talking to potential customers. Resist the urge to tell customers about the quality of the photographic tools you use. Materials including paper, while very important, are of the least concern to your client. Instead, adopt the approach of selling a carefully-crafted visual memory that lives in their home on their wall. Sell framed “moments” to your customers and they will not only come back for more, their friends and family will call you get the same experience.

Secondly, differentiate yourself from competitors by establishing a reputation for selling only the best quality prints. Choose ILFORD GALERIE papers for consistent print quality you can rely on every time. The range offers a variety of sizes including sheets and cost-effective rolls, as well as a range of weights and finishes to ensure that you can offer clients the best quality prints alongside excellent value for money.

There’s a lot more in this great article on turning your prints into a revenue stream in your photography business.

  • Big is beautiful
  • Be bold
  • Print permanence

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